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Pantone Printed Products

Print your corporate identity in high quality pantone colours.

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Pantone printing: The benefits of spot colour printing

Adding pantone printing, or spot colour printing to your normal solution for promotional or marketing materials, is a great way to achieve an impact that simply can't be accomplished with traditional 4 colour process printing. Although specialist printing or ink solutions may seem complicated and expensive, the truth is that using pantone colours can actually add something special to your media campaigns, or ensure that you maintain a consistent business image. The world of colour is very subjective, which is why PMS printing (Pantone matching system printing), works so well. It removes the guesswork from commercial printing jobs, and ensures that graphics appear exactly as they should. Pantone products look photographic in nature, because they standardise the colours used to make sure that they match your graphics files.

When to use spot colour printing

Though pantone printing might not be the only solution for quality media, there are certain times in commercial printing, where appealing to your target market requires the use of PMS printing. Spot printing, or pantone colour products should always be used over, or added to the four-colour system in:

• Consistent logos and branding: Your company image should stay the same no matter what. Think about the red of McDonalds, or the brown of UPS - nothing but exact colour accuracy would do! Pantone PMS will help you to establish a standard that anyone who works with your industry products will be able to match.

• Colours beyond the CMYK range: There are certain colours that simply can't be reproduced with CMYK, including bright orange or navy blue. If you want to offset this loss, you need to go to a printing company who can use pantone methods.

• Brochures and catalogues: If you're printing a full catalogue where you need to use consistent colours from one professional page to the next, then you will need Pantone PMS to ensure the consistency of your content.

• Smooth coverage: For large advert campaigns, business visibility solutions, or sales products, a PMS colour can work well - particularly when the saturation of solid areas is important.

Getting the most out of pantone printing

If you want to make the most out of your pantone colours, then you need to ensure that you work alongside a professional printing company. At Helloprint, we have the best in high-level industry machinery and facilities, designed to help you optimise your pantone printing experience. Our company offers a range of spot printing solutions for pantone products, to help you make the most out of your documents, and marketing media.

From expert pantone printing for banners and leaflets, to PMS printing for promotional products that you can use throughout your entire local network, we'll make sure that you have the graphics you need to make the right impression. Our pantone printing solutions can be used on everything from stationary, to packaging and more!

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